HighPointe Performance Cafe

Coffee. Community. Creativity


No.  We know it can be a bit confusing but we are two completely separate organizations.  That being said, we here at HighPointe Performance Cafe are good friends with the team at High Point Cafe in Mt. Airy and we love their baked good so much that we sell them here in our shop! 

High Point Cafe has two great shops in Mt. Airy (one at 602 Carpenter Lane and one at the Allen's Lane Train Station).  If you're ever close by you should definitely stop in and see them. 

Aren't you like a church or something?  

It's true that we were founded by HighPointe Church where they meet at (9am & 11am).  HighPointe's goal is to serve the community of Roxborough by moving into a commercial building that could be welcomed by the community throughout the week.  

We strive to make HighPointe Performance Cafe an open, friendly, and a safe place where all are welcome.  No one will ever be denied service because they happen to believe differently than we do, because they think Crocs are fashionable, or for any other reason!


Can I perform on your stage or display my art on your gallery wall?

We would love that!  When we began planning HighPointe Performance Cafe we wanted to make sure that we had a great facility for local performers and visual artists to showcase their work. We have installed state of the art sound and lighting equipment and we have a 10ft high by 25ft long gallery wall.


Please keep in mind that HighPointe Performance Cafe is a family-friendly venue.  Any performance or art in the space we would prefer to be family friendly.